Appraisal Services

At SFREAppraisal, we believe the greatest progress is made – and the greatest success achieved – when consultants work “with” clients, rather than “for” them. You don’t engage a State Certified Appraiser or Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) for anything but an objective Appraisal Report based solely on empirical data and years of experience. We believe the most effective project teams combine knowledge with proven experience. And, we believe you should never promise what you cannot deliver well.

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Many years ago, before South Florida Real Estate Appraisal, when Mike Jacobs was just starting out in the profession and still struggling to find his place, a seasoned and very successful appraiser pulled him aside and made it clear to him that “it is all about customer service.” This pep talk was the moment where everything began to click for Mr. Jacobs, which helped him build his reputation in the industry over the last three decades.

What Customer Services Means to Us

  • Customer service means providing competitive fees so that you can be more competitive in your marketplace.
  • Customer service means treating your borrower like our only customer and reflecting well on the trust you have placed in us.
  • Customer service means writing each appraisal as through your reviewers, examiners, and customers will hang on every word and analysis to promote confidence.
  • Customer service means reviewing your engagement letter and guidelines before sending the report to minimize delays.
  • Customer service means never being late without a good cause. Never.
  • Customer Service means that enthusiastic cooperation with your reviewers is urgent and that issues need to be addressed yesterday.

The Difference You’ll Notice

Since adopting these principals into our appraisal services, Mr. Jacobs has been able to produce his appraisal reports faster, better, and at a lower cost. His references can confirm that he has served them all well over the years. You can trust Mr. Jacobs to continue this tradition of satisfied clients when he works for you.

When Things Go Wrong

From time to time, as you well know, things can go wrong. These situations can be caused by:

  • Changes in the appraisal order (wrong scope).
  • Slow response to information or appointment requests.
  • Poor data organization (rent rolls, financials, building plans, etc.)
  • Florida weather (tropical storms & hurricanes)

To minimize the effect of these delays, our appraiser tries to stay ahead of every assignment. This means he makes contact within 24-48 hours, clearly communicates information needs to the assignment contact, and alerts your appraisal department or relationship manager when there is any question about the quality or timeliness of delivery. While we can’t control every outside factor when it comes to commercial appraisal services, we can minimize your delays.