Certified Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

My core business is certified appraisal reports for commercial real estate lenders, principals (buyers or sellers) and government agencies including the IRS, state and local agencies.

The appraisal profession is highly competitive and very well organized through our State Certification, federal oversight and professional associations such as the Appraisal Institute. My clients answer to a number of agencies and associations, as well as their own customers and clients.

I try to write my appraisal reports to the appropriate reader for each case, whether a lender that might be audited by bank examiners or an investor that might be answerable to shareholders.

I also communicate with my clients so that they are aware of every issue through the appraisal process – there should be no surprises at the end of the assignment.

Ask my clients and they will tell you that my customer service, including competitive fees, turnaround, on-time delivery and responsiveness is just what they need to be competitive to those they answer to – especially their clients.