Disposition, Tax, Estate & Litigation Support

An appraiser does not advocate, and that is why I am called upon to provide reliable opinions for estate valuation, settle disputes or to review another appraiser’s opinion.

SFREAppraisal will:

  • Provide “Qualified” certified appraisals for state and federal income tax purposes. Government organizations like the IRS have narrow definitions for “Qualified Appraisers” and “Qualified Appraisals” to insure reliability.
  • Provide unbiased data (comparable sales and listings, proforma analysis, etc.) for mediation or negotiation, with or without a value conclusion. This way, everybody can work together with verified market data to come to an agreement.
  • Review another’s appraisal report. Appraisals can be expensive and time consuming, so appraisers are frequently asked to review another’s work to insure reliability.