“What’s it worth?”

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Whether derived from a rent roll or its use in a business, our Certified Appraisal provides an expert, objective estimate of market value as well as – and this sets SFREAppraisal apart – enough information to form your own conclusions based on verified facts and observations.

Investors, lenders, attorneys, financial advisers, CPA’s, government agencies and others have different needs when it comes to certified appraisals – there is no “one size fits all” – so the best way to determine your cost is to contact us for a quote.

For complex properties and third-party reliance…

For more complex properties and issues, we offer an array of options. Call or send as much information as you can so we can help guide you to your service.

Step One: we consider the property, and the appraisal’s use and users:

  • The Assessor’s Parcel Number and/or The owner’s name from the deed.
  • Who are the intended “users” (readers) of the report – only you, participating investors, the SBA, IRS, etc.?
  • What is the report for – just need to know a value or market conditions, a loan, a tax issue, dissolution, etc.?
  • How soon do you need the report? Two to three weeks is typical.

Step Two: Let’s talk:

We will need to talk after we’ve reviewed the property. If you wish to save time provide the following information for the quick-quote.

For simple properties & situations: the “Desktop” Restricted Appraisal Report…

If you “just need to know what it’s worth” as a seller or buyer and the property is not complex, a low-cost “DesktopRestricted Appraisal might be right for you. Just call or E-mail if you have a question Mike@SFREAppraisal.com.

A Restricted Appraisal Report is for individuals familiar with the property and market area. It is not sufficient for bank mortgages, litigation, taxes and estate planning where the document will be relied upon by others. A “desktop” appraisal is a no-inspection service. As a result, by Florida law, I am required to decline the assignment and fee when this service would be inappropriate. If you are the owner or buyer of a simple commercial real estate property without a lease in place, and just need to “know the value” for yourself, the typical cost range is:

  • 15 business days: $975
  • 10 business days: $1,475
  • 5 business days: $1,950